2015 WSOP: My first week

It’s been a week since my arrival in Las Vegas and I decided to write down a few words.

This year, after three years of happy staying at Palms Place, we decided to change hotel and our choice went to the Vdara, a resort in the middle of the strip. We are very happy with the choice, considering the view from our room.
About Poker, I played so far four WSOP tournaments (including the Re-entry to Millionaire Maker):
torneiFor now, being out in all tournaments during the Day 1, I can say nothing really happened, but I was not even particularly lucky: it is enough to say that I have not yet won a coinflip after four tournaments…

With the aim of balancing the variance, I have not played only tournaments but I also did a few sessions of cash games and sit and go. In the cash games I lost about $ 1,350 after a few hours of play at NL500 and NL1000, while in the SIT and GO I have a positive balance of $ 3500.

I don’t really like the cash game, which is not even the one I play most, I much prefer the tournament format, that’s why I will continue to play tournaments and Sit and Go in the following days.

As you know, Las Vegas is not just Poker, in fact I had the time to do more than just playing. Luca, one of my former high school classmate, on the road through the US, came to visit me with a friend and we spend a night at Marquee together.
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My next tournament, the Monster Stack, will start the 12th of June: this is likely my favorite tournament just after the Main Event. I strongly hope that the first result at the 2015 WSOP will come very soon!

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