2015 WSOP: Part 2

By 25 June 2015Poker Live

I played a lot of tournaments, since the last post I wrote on the blog:wsop2ndFinally, the first results arrived and I made some ITM: a 107th place in Event #30 and a 74th place in Event #34. Not much in terms of cash, as the budget of the tournaments is still negative, but definitely something good in terms of motivation.
11097994_988832497816086_314732439083978343_oIn addition to the tournaments, in this period I have dedicated some time to the grinding of the Sit & Go and things did not go really wrong, since I have collected a profit of $ 5400. Anyway, they are not enough to achieve a balanced budget in this trip to Las Vegas, but I still have time and many tournaments to play.

My next tournament will be the “DraftKings 50/50” on June 27: it is a very interesting tournament in which 50% of the field will be rewarded, so I expect a large turnout. From today until the 27th, I will have 3 days off in which I can continue to play Sit & Go at the Rio, I can spend a few more time in the gym and I can organize some nights out with friends here in Vegas.

Speaking about friends, the other night I went out with Cristiano Blanco and Max Pescatori, who recently won his 4th bracelet!! Congratulations Max!!!19023_991844224181580_6090356359508266954_n

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