WSOP Plan 2016

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You wait the whole year for this moment and you wish for it. I’m talking about the World Series of Poker, which I’m going to join from next Friday on. It’s undoubtedly the ‘hottest’ period (I mean literally) for a poker player and I can’t hide the fact that I’ve…

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Poker in Prague

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Hey guys! After a short break it is time to play live Poker again! I will leave for Prague Tomorrow and there I will spend about 2 weeks to play lot of poker tournaments. Prague is one of my favourite cities, especially during Christmas time and I’m very excited about this trip because I love…

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How to read Poker tells

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Reading poker tells from your opponents is definitely one of the main advantages you can have as a player. Most of them are clearly recognizable during live games, although there are many situations in which you can obtain precious informations also online. Mike Caro has written a great book about…

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Why I’m against Poker softwares

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I play Poker since a decade and I have to admit so many things have changed during the years. My passion for this game has grown for some reasons which go beyond its peculiarity like math, pure competition or psicology: simply, playing poker is fun. The playful side of the game, too often…

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The 5 most common mistakes in Poker

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Speaking about poker, both tournament or cash-game no matters if live or online, every game is true mix of unique moods, sensations and emotions, which can be controlled through experience so the revealing of precious tells to your opponents is not apparent. Lots of amateurs begin to play much more…

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2015 WSOP: Part 2

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I played a lot of tournaments, since the last post I wrote on the blog:Finally, the first results arrived and I made some ITM: a 107th place in Event #30 and a 74th place in Event #34. Not much in terms of cash, as the budget of the tournaments is…

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Poker & Ski

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Poker players usually love to spend their holidays in exotic places, by the seaside, with their sunglasses on and a piña colada in their hands. This year I chose to spend my holidays with my skis and the ski boots on, rather than flying to the warm Bahamas for PCA. Together…

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Malta – travel tips

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Malta is not only the place where lot of Poker tournaments take place, it is the place where I live for the most part of the year. Malta is a “friendly” location for the Poker players. In a small isle you can find all kinds of comforts: two casinos, many restaurants and…

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