My top 5 favourite places where I’ve played Poker

It’s been about five years since the first time I took a plane to go play a live Poker tournament. One of the most beautiful gifts I received from Poker is the chance to travel all around the world and see many different places. Live tournaments most of the time they are organized in very amazing places.

Considering the level and prestige of the tournament and the beauty of the location, I then ranked the five most beautiful places where I played Poker:

5th – Malta
The island of Malta, with an area of 316 Km2, it is one of the smallest countries in the world. I played my first tournament there in 2010 during an IPT and I liked it so much that is the place I actually live in, even given the proximity to Italy. Malta is a very comfortable place for a Poker player: in a few meters you can access to everything, from casinos and restaurants, to sun, sea, many attractions for tourists and a lot a places where to have fun all time. Having everything at your fingertips allows you to relax and forget the hectic pace of life. The Portomaso Casino is by far the best place to play Poker and in fact it hosts tournaments such as WPT and EPT.


4th – Vienna
Vienna is the capital of the Republic of Austria and it is known as “the city of dreams”. It is practically surrounded by nature and the quality of life is so high that it has been awarded with the title of most livable city in the world three times in the last five years. In addition, the Architecture of the city is amazing. I played the EPT inside the Hofburg Palace, which has been the residence of the Austrian Empire for more than six centuries. It is for sure one of the most evocative locations I have ever played in. About attractions for tourists and places to have fun or play sports, Vienna is plenty of options for all age groups.

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3rd – Prague
Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and EPT venue for several years. I have been there at different times of the years, but I believe December is the best month to visit it, because of the very enjoyable Christmas atmosphere. In addition, something that surprised me is Czech cuisine, which is very delicious. About Architecture, its medieval style is very hospitable, Prague is in fact a city full of an important history but that does not mean you cannot find fun there. Conversely, its nightlife is one of the most vibrant in Europe, that’s why I am not surprised at all if the EPT of Prague is one of the tournament of the season with the highest number of players.

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2nd – Nassau (Bahamas)
Paradise Island, in Nassau, is the name of the island where is the Atlantis, the resort in which the PCA takes place every year. Try to put in the same place the sea and the nature of the Caribbean, one of the most beautiful resorts you will ever find and the second richest Poker tournament in the world. Atlantis includes a very entertaining water park, with even slides crossing an aquarium full of terrifying sharks. Unfortunately, Atlantis is also one of the most expensive places on Earth, but is for sure a place you have to visit at least once in a lifetime.

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1st – Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the town in which WSOP take place for 44 years. It is the undisputed capital of entertainment, shopping and gamble. I have been there for about a month every year in the last four years, but I think not even ten years would be enough to find out all the things you can do there. The Grand Canyon, a copy of the Eiffel tower, Venice and the Statue of Liberty, all together in just one city. Some of the best resorts and restaurants in the world are there, other than nightclubs, pool parties and a 200-meter high rollercoaster. The atmosphere during the WSOP is totally different than any other place in the world and playing in the Poker room of the Rio is definitely a life experience. Las Vegas is by far the most beautiful place where I played Poker!


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