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By 17 February 2015Blog

After weeks of work, here is my new official website!

I have been using my old blog as official website for several years. I have always loved writing, that’s why when I began playing poker about 9 years ago I created my blog. The reason why I decided to create a blog was to talk about my poker player’s life, thing almost unknown at that time. I have always been meticulous in taking care about my blog, as it was my career’s diary.

The blog is going to be the new website’s heart and it will be frequently updated: I have scheduled at list two posts a month.
On the new website you will find more information about me and it will include the English version too, so it may be visited by the Italians and by the “english” readers as well.

The old blog/website will remain online, at least until I will have copied the 143 articles I wrote from 2007 till now on the new blog version. To read my old posts, just click here.


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