Poker players usually love to spend their holidays in exotic places, by the seaside, with their sunglasses on and a piña colada in their hands. This year I chose to spend my holidays with my skis and the ski boots on, rather than flying to the warm Bahamas for PCA.

Together with Sofia and her brothers Fredrik and Michael and Michael’s girlfriend Therese too, we went to Seefeld in Tirolo, Austria, a village of 3300 inhabitants, at an altitude of 1180 meters in the Alps, a few minutes from Innsbruck. We spent 6 days there for skiing and to play a poker tournament before going to Deauville and play at the EPT festival.

I left the Catania airport, and in Munich I met my travel mates who came from Gothenburg. It’s 2 hours driving from Monaco to Seefeld. It might seem a long drive, but the two hours have flown because of the good company and the panorama out of the car window.

Being five, we preferred to rent a flat instead of booking a hotel. I am used to organize my travels all by myself, because I want to stay in the places I prefer and, moreover, I want to keep under control all the costs. The flat I found was wonderful, in the very Seefeld city center, and full of all sorts of comforts. Everyone loved it, the holiday couldn’t begin in a better way!

2015-02-07 13.09.24
We spent our first day skiing.
Sofia, Fredrik, Michael and Therese are experienced in skiing, I tried ski only once in my life and skiing in the Alps is more difficult than skiing in the Etna. It was a little tough in the start but at the end of the day I was happy with my improvements! The landscape in the Alps is wonderful!

The next day we played poker all day. Actually, we had some spare time in the morning, because the tournament would have begun at 2 pm, but we were tired because of the skiing activity so we decided to sleep more.

It was a 440 Euros tournament organized by Sofia’s sponsor. The Seefeld casino is situated in the very city center and is no doubt the smallest casino I have ever played in. However it was perfect for a 115 players field. The modern and wooden interiors were wonderful and it is not so usual to have the snow and the Alps right out of the window while playing poker.

Sofia, Fredrik and I played the tournament that was particularly easy, because of the number of amateurs. Fredrik and Sofia went through to the Day2, while I have been eliminated at the end of the day losing a coinflip.

The day 2 of the tournament began at 2 pm too, so we went skiing in the morning. We chose a ski slope in the area and this time to explore more slopes. We went back to the flat before the tournament began to have lunch and then drink something in casino during the last tournament phases.

Fredrik e Sofia was at the same table because of the redraw. Fredrik was the chipleader while Sofia was the short stack, Fredrik was on the button, Sofia was the SB All in with about 15 blinds and Fredrik called the shove. Fredrik had A9 and Sofia had A6. What happened? Fredrik busted Sofia! The softplay is not allowed in the Lovgren family!

After that Fredrik unfortunately lost after a series of showdown, reaching the 11th position.

2015-02-07 13.11.25
We have been skiing all the day after and we have been trying some new slope. In one of these slopes we found a speed test, so you could compete as it was a real race. It was the best way to test my abilities!

In the evening we had a walk in Seefeld. It is a nice and modern village. There is a free Wifi almost everywhere and free public lines, the people are very friendly. The food in Austria is not bad at all: my favorite dishes are Snithzel and the Gulash!

We spent 6 wonderful days! Seefeld, the Alps and the great company made this a wonderful experience. I discovered a new sport and I think that I will ski for a week every year hereafter!

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