Recap and goals for 2015

By 29 December 2014Poker
At the end of each year, it’s time to draw a line and plan new goals.
What happened in 2014:

Upon 41 tournaments played, with an average buy-in (ABI) of €2464, I cashed in 11 times, among which I made three final tables.
Having a 27% ITM rate is an excellent statistic. However, I would have preferred a lower ITM and to win a tournament. Unfortunately in 2014, I’ve never been particularly lucky with so many “coolers” to my disadvantage in the key moments.
My live balance is Break Even. Considering that I was coming from the year 2013, which had been my best year ever, and that during 2014 I risked an “exploit” many times, I am however satisfied. Probably, I needed that extra pinch of luck that makes the difference, but I have gained experience and I have improved my skills, and all these, in the long run, have an economic value as well.Online:
I did not play a lot online until the last half of the year. In September, I made the decision of starting to play MTT constantly. The period of time is too short to be able to sum up, even if December has been an excellent month.
I studied my game a lot and I’m more interested in this: the online play has been in the last few months my “gym” where I could learn a lot of new gameplay.

Real life:
I’ve almost finished furnishing and fixing my apartment, it’s been funny and my girlfriend Sofia has helped me a lot, but it really took me a lot of time!
I joined a gym in Malta and when I am on the island my commitment is constant, I try to exercise at least 3-4 times a week. I failed to be so constant when I was travelling to play live or going back to Italy.

Goals 2015:

To keep up a positive ROI in live tournaments. The idea is to play about 40 live tournaments with an average buy-in (ABI) of €2500. I will play mostly WSOP WPT and EPT tournaments.

To keep up a positive ROI in online tournaments. I will try to play at least 1000-1500 online tournaments with an ABI of $90-$100.

To enter GPI Top 100.

• To train more frequently, with at least 100 sessions of physical training of 90 minutes each at the gym, or other sports, during the year.

To write at least 2 posts per month for my blog in Italian\English.

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