The end of a Poker era. The beginning of a new one?

“Thank you for your royalty”, that’s what my last mail from PokerStars says. As you may know within a few days the old Vip System will be over, which means just one thing: the end of the Rakeback era.

I cannot hide that without Rakeback I’d probably never been a professional poker player. I would have never imagined playing so many hours online if it wasn’t for milestones, or Porsche available with FPP or simply those 7 black stars close by my user-id. Between 19 and 23 I spent something like 6-8 hours per day grinding online, every single day. Without Rakeback, I would have never considered poker as a job, and my life would have probably taken another direction.lThings are a bit different right now. Each poker site earns half of what they used to do in 2011 and there’s no company who can afford to have grinders playing 10 h/day who literally engulf recreational players who play 10 h/year. It’s simply not a good business plan.

From a few years already, being aware myself of changes, I preferred switching from mass grinding to a less volume of games but with a higher quality. I play 25% of what I used to do and I earn almost half of what I’ve earned in the past. Yes, I earn 50% less but I gained a lot of time which I’m spending in other interests, investments, and activities that improved my life significantly, as doing sports, traveling and spending more time with friends and family.
I’m just a different poker player, something like a half-retired player if I keep in count how much I was playing before. Poker is still my main job though, my hobby and moreover my life-philosophy.

If I should give an advice to new and old grinders is to adapt themselves as fast as possible and take advantage of new opportunities who’ll be generated by those changes. It’s not possible anymore to earn as much as in the past, but with a different approach is still realistic to be a poker pro, perhaps enjoying life a bit more…L46Moschitta_avatar


  • Jason says:


    We all must evolve and change as circumstance change. Well done for recognising that the times have changed. I have in my life watched many peddle against the wind going down on a slow burn.
    Money is made and lost in life but we do not get more time. I am pleased you are enjoying life more with friends and family and your talent drive and determination that made you a formidible oponent on the felt will ensure success in other areas.
    Good luck!

    • Cheers Jason, I really appreciate your words!

      • Jason says:

        Great to hear back from you. I really enjoyed the challenge of playing against you in Monaco in 2015. It was a great insight to see where my game was and how far off the best I was. I hope its nice in Malta or Italy today as it is freezing in Melbourne this morning.

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