The story of the €1000 ice-cream

By 29 March 2016Poker

We have all had to pay more than we thought for something. Would you ever pay €1000 for an ice cream? If your answer is not, well, me neither. People who know me are well aware of how much discipline I have, though it happened to me as well to burn some money during my poker carreer.

IMG_1001Like in that summer when I was on a boat during holidays. At the time I was massively grinding in order to reach Supernova Elite and I wasn’t missing a chance to play a small poker session despite my desire to swim. Unfortunately there’s wasn’t much action going on and sometimes you have to wait several hours before finding an opponents at 250€ heads-up sit&goes.

That afternoon it was incredibly hot, so we decided to head up for an ice cream. But as soon as we get back I’ve found four windows opened on my laptop: there were my four heads-up matches I was registered in. They were all finished and in some of them I found greetings on the chat coming from my opponents. They were grateful for my ‘kind donation’.

I really respect money and I always try not to waste it, that’s why I had a lot of regrets and blamed myself for the entire day. The amount of money I’ve lost was so close to most of my friends’ salary and I literaly felt an idiot. I must admit it has been one of the most frustrating afternoons of my life, but it wasn’t an isolated case.

The same thing happened to me on a winter afternoon when, tired of waiting for opponents, I decided to go to the cinema and left again a couple of 250€ heads-up opened in the lobby. As I came back, three hours later, I opened the lobby but fortunately nobody decided to challange me. Money saved!

In that circumstance I understood how lucky I’ve been, then I thought about doing something not to risk wasting money in that way again. I wrote a mail to Pokerstars support and I told them that it would be great if they activate an automatic pop-up reminder when you are disconnecting from the client. After a few weeks a new update was released and my request satisfied. Thanks Stars, you owe me an ice cream!

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