Why I’m against Poker softwares

By 21 October 2015Poker

UNIBET_NO_HUD-SEPT14-1I play Poker since a decade and I have to admit so many things have changed during the years. My passion for this game has grown for some reasons which go beyond its peculiarity like math, pure competition or psicology: simply, playing poker is fun. The playful side of the game, too often underrated, is infact the glue that keeps together and balances all these features.

As poker evolved, in live games its nature is still the same. Online is another kettle of fish: thanks to support softwares, totally absent in the past, poker essence has changed especially at the expense of amateurs. Certain games are truly unbeatable without software’s help, and these things are confirmed by renowned players as Patrick Antonius. The main paradox is that to have edge on players sometime is not anymore about your technical expertise, indeed it consist in your capacity to read and interpretate HUD’s numbers. At this point it seems appropriate to put ourselves a questions: aren’t we gone too far?

It’s a fact that10606388_10153543053829622_6025724300074734648_n live and online poker are two different games, but I guess we should try to keep them as close as possible instead of attempting to emphasize differences. While playing live nobody has the chance to put on ‘Google Glass’ in order to see opponents’ stats: every decision it involves only your game style, sensations and everything you can get from whom you’re facing in that very moment. Who plays poker professionally gets too many advantages on players which play for fun: softwares and seating scripts are just annoying tools that throw into shade those who do not use them. I firmly believe that poker rooms should curb these situations, to keep together two worlds which are not so far away from each other.

I like the idea that every site could provide to everybody a small integrated HUD with simple infos like VPIP, PFR, AF and number of blinds. That’s a nice way to overcome the lack of informations you have by playing online without turning poker into a mere number comparison.

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