You wait the whole year for this moment and you wish for it. I’m talking about the World Series of Poker, which I’m going to join from next Friday on. It’s undoubtedly the ‘hottest’ period (I mean literally) for a poker player and I can’t hide the fact that I’ve been training for it the last few month. This year I played online a lot, and I invested so much time taking care of my psychophysical condition.

This is the 6th year in a row I’m going to Vegas and, of course, I’ll try to take full advantage of my past experiences. There will be not too much space for parties and crazy nights since I’ve already done pretty much everything there, even though I will not miss the chance to hang out with some friends. I haven’t been really lucky this year in my live tournaments, and I must admit that I’m missing a big shot so much: therefore I want to do my best now to get through it.

First I’m going to visit Chicago, in which I’ll spend four days both to discover a new city and to overcome the heavy jetlag. Friday will be my first day in Vegas and Saturday my adventure at the WSOP 2016 will begin. I planned to stay in town until the end of the Main Event and I’m going to play almost every No Limit Hold’em tournament.

This is my full schedule:

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